Trustee role description

For over 30 years, Tigh a’Chomainn Camphill has provided specialist independent care to adults with complex needs including learning difficulties, autistic spectrum conditions and disabilities. We are one of eleven Camphill Communities in Scotland, our ethos and values reflect this.

Our Community provides a home for adults with special needs in Aberdeen. Our aim is to support individuals in exploring their personal potential and their limitations, so that they may find purpose, direction and a sense of fulfilment in their lives.

The mission of Camphill Scotland is set out in full as an appendix to this document.

The Role of the Tigh a’Chomainn Camphill board of trustees

The board of Trustees provides a strategic framework so that the resources of Tigh a’Chomainn Camphill can be used to the maximum benefit of the organisation in meeting it’s aims and objectives as a Camphill Community and a charity. The management team prioritise their work within this strategic framework.

The board of Trustees ensures that governance requirements are met in accordance with the Articles of Association of the organisation, charitable law and company law. Key areas of oversight are:
Finance (suitability of systems and processes in order to ensure accountability through, reporting and auditing).
Health and Safety (suitability of systems and processes in order to ensure accountability through, reporting and auditing).
Data protection (suitability of systems and processes in order to ensure accountability through, reporting and auditing).

The board of Trustees supports and promotes the development of continuous improvement and good practice.

The Role of the Trustee

Trustees will bring useful knowledge and insight drawn from their interests and experience generally. Their role is to put this knowledge and insight to the benefit of Tigh a’Chomainn while ensuring that the core value and ethos of Tigh a’Chomainn is sustained.
The trustee should attend carefully to any situations that may give rise to a conflict of interest. As the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator states, a charity trustee must act in the interests of the charity and must do so ‘before their own interests or those of any other person or organisation.’

The following list is a guide and as such should be read as an indicative list of practical skills and qualities. It is not an exhaustive list and there may well be other skills and qualities we are looking for that you offer. Likewise we do not anticipate that all of the following list will be possessed by a single person.
Tigh a’Chomainn Trustee – Person Specification
• An ability to think strategically about what is in the best interests of Tigh a’Chomainn Camphill
• An ability to work collaboratively with others
• Knowledge and interest in social policy and social care
• An interest in representing the work of Tigh a’Chomainn and Camphill communities generally to external audiences
• An ability to understand financial statements
• Interest in management, human resources or organisational development
• Commitment to the Camphill movement in a national and international context