Category: Covid19

  • 6th August Covid-19 update

    Updated 13/08/2020 As you may have heard in the news Aberdeen City has been placed under a local lock down. This is a step backwards on what had looked to be a promising route of recovery from Covid-19. In broad terms this won’t change our day to day situation as we are maintaining our underlying…

  • Outdoor sink

    Last week our outdoor sink arrived and is now in situ at the front door to Tigh Mor. Please use it when visiting.

  • Family visits guidance

    The following information is provided to support your visit.

  • Covid 19 road map

  • Message to family and friends

    Dear Family members and important others, With the current health situation we would ask that family member note that due to the vulnerability of other residents in the home that visits to family and important others adhere where at all possible to the infection control recommendation set out by the UK government and that social…