Message to family and friends

Dear Family members and important others,

With the current health situation we would ask that family member note that due to the vulnerability of other residents in the home that visits to family and important others adhere where at all possible to the infection control recommendation set out by the UK government and that social events are kept to an absolute minimum including taking people out. We appreciate the inconvenience this may pose, however, it is essential we keep people safe and well. We understand that unduly disrupting planned visits can cause considerable upset. For the remainder of this week we are happy for people to visit home if these simple steps are adhered too, however, we recognise that this is a fluid situation which may change at any point. Should this be the case we will make contact once again.

Should you or any other family member show signs of coronavirus we would be grateful that we are informed as soon as possible so that all measures can be taken to keep people safe and well. Likewise, any suspected case will be reported to all.

Full Covid 19 advice sheet (PDF):