Core Provision

Home Life

We support people to grow in confidence
We empower people to take on new things
We encourage true citizenship; to feel part of the wider community
We talk regularly with people about environmental responsibility
We offer structure so that people feel supported and less anxious
We offer flexibility for personal expression and wishes
We have regular community meetings; a chance to be heard and take responsibility
We have a daily communal meal; an opportunity to socialise

Care and Support

We provide regular one to one time
We support skill development
We provide personal care
We help people to look after themselves
We discuss with people the importance of health and well being
We talk regularly with people about the importance of healthy eating and exercise
We support people to access doctors, dentists, opticians, podiatrists etc.
We provide in house and out sourced training for our staff
We cultivate mutual responsibility
We develop essential like skills through sharing household tasks
We help people to make informed choices
We provide the safety net for positive risk taking
We help people to achieve their goals one small but important step at a time
We are always there for people
We build relationships based on mutual respect
We work on building relationships to develop trust to achieve more
We support both independence and interdependence
We celebrate individuality and strive for both staff and residents to feel equally enabled and involved
We have individual support plans and risk assessments relevant to personal needs
We support people with personal finances as suits the individual while also safeguarding their money

Work Life

We support people to go to a daily activity which is essential for self esteem, self worth and purpose
We recognise the value of being able to identify with what one does: ‘I am a baker’.

Social, Cultural and Leisure

We support people to visit their friends
We support people to have friends visit
We support people to go out (gym, cinema, church etc.)
We support people to go on holiday
We make sure there are enough staff
We help people to navigate time with daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms of celebration and occasions to socialise
We encourage people to get involved with events and feel responsible for planning, making/baking, purchasing etc.
We provide opportunity for people to showcase their achievements