Supporting Independence

A PDF of our Handbook can be downloaded here. | A description of our Core Service Provision is here.

The Tigh a’Chomainn Handbook for residential services.

In Tigh a Chomainn we live together as a community supporting adults, some of whom have a learning disability.

Living together in an extended family environment provides the possibility for us all to develop new skills and opportunities.

Whilst building these skills we aim to support one another practically and emotionally as needed.

In Tigh a Chomainn we recognise that we all have different strengths and so aim to support those strengths and foster an attitude of mutual respect for the contributions we can all make for one another.

We help one another to feel supported in the decisions that we make for our futures and appreciate the self-esteem that we can gain from our successes.

But if we happen to make some mistakes along the way we can do so knowing that we can learn from them and be helped to make the next step.

We aim to support one another and show that we care for each other.

  1. Planning and Supporting:
  2. Home Life at Tigh a’Chomainn:
  3. Having things to do:
  4. Feeling safe:
  5. Keeping healthy: