What about Brexit

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Phew – loaded question. Here is what we know, and what we are doing.

Brexit will have no effect at all on Europeans volunteering in the United Kingdom in 2019 and 2020. Any new immigration system will come into place in 2021 at the earliest. We are working with Camphill Scotland ensure that any new immigration system enables Camphill communities in Scotland to continue to benefit from the wonderful contribution of volunteers from Europe.

We value our European volunteers just as much as ever. Indeed, Brexit has led us to cherish our European connections even more than before.

Camphill was founded in 1939 by Austrian refugees and remains a profoundly European and international movement. In any Camphill community you will hear a wide variety of languages spoken and a rich mix of different cultural and national backgrounds. We see this as a great strength of the Camphill movement and we are doing everything we can to preserve it during the Brexit process and beyond.