Celebrating the rhythm of the year

Celebrating seasonal festivals is important to us in Tigh a’Chomainn.

In our Monday House Meeting we discuss and decide together how we would like to celebrate any forthcoming festival.

The following is a glimpse of some of the things we may do:

Advent and Christmas

We will look forward to Christmas during Advent Time by lighting the Advent Wreath. Some of us may decide that we would like to attend carol concerts or other Christmas preparations.

We have fun already on St. Nicholas Day (December 6th), which is already celebrated as Christmas in many countries, through receiving a small gift at breakfast time.

On Christmas Eve we join the Christmas Eve celebration at Newton Dee and then return to Tigh a’Chomainn to light our Christmas Tree and have a peaceful meal together.

Christmas Day is a time for fun, presents and a good meal!

During Christmas time we may also decide on the panto, concerts or movies.

There is naturally time to see and be with our family and friends.

New Year

Candlemas is on February 2nd when we light earth candles in the garden to celebrate the idea that, although it may sometimes feel like the middle of winter, Spring may not be so very far away.

Shrove Tuesday, (Pancake Tuesday) the day before the beginning of Lent, is celebrated as Carnival in many countries so – apart from eating pancakes – we may also decide to join our friends in Newton Dee for a big dressing up party.

Lent itself is a more peaceful time that calls for reflection. We might meet together to talk about our lives and the things that are important to us. We might also decide to give something up or…take something extra up for someone else.

Easter Breakfast

Easter is marked with a festive breakfast and readings.

And after lunch there is an Easter Egg hunt!

We celebrate Ascension Day by going on an outing into Deeside or having a Community Meal together.

Whit Sunday is marked by a White Meal and paper doves on a seasonal branch

For St.John’s orMidsummer we may have a barbeque together

W e celebrate Harvest Festival on Michaelmas Day (September 29th) with a Community Meal together and Michaelmas Readings.

Martinmas on November 11th is marked by a candle-lit meal together with lanterns

Of course there is Halloween and Bonfire Night

and…..Burn’s Night!

We may also celebrate Festivals that are well known by some of our residents or co-workers: Chinese or Korean New Year, Santa Lucia and ……Birthdays are Very Important and are enjoyed in whatever way the Birthday Person may wish.