Loneliness on its way to becoming Britain’s most lethal condition

These guys know how to age well. 62denTavsan, CC BY-ND

The Conversation has an excellent piece on public health and loneliness.

Loneliness has long been linked with psychological problems like alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders and depression. But Cacioppo’s key insight was that loneliness is fundamentally a biological problem. Its key causes are not in the mind or society, but in the body. And so is its most profound effect – death.


It is worth observing that Camphill has long prided itself on building sustainable communities founded on meaningful human connections.

An earlier piece from 2014 recognised the importance of community  stating:

The Nordic countries, however, are more successfully managing to keep loneliness in older people at bay. The causes behind these national differences are unclear, but at the individual level, having intimate and close social relations is clearly necessary.