Social life

Camphill is built on relationships. We strive to develop meaningful, equal relationships, regardless of a person’s level of need. Everyone benefits from the reciprocal relationships in communities, and a great value is placed on friendship and love.

We deliberately create the stability and continuity that allows relationships of depth and quality to form. We have been commended by the Care Inspectorate and others for our ability to retain highly skilled and dedicated co-workers to provide this stability and continuity. This is rare in the care sector.

To complement the stability provided by core staff, Camphill also attracts many young people to live and work with us. Volunteers come from other parts of the UK and Europe and sometimes even further afield. The young people bring vibrancy and new perspectives. The Camphill community is a rich mix of cultures, languages and nationalities where everyone gives and seeks support from each other. There is also usually a good gender mix which is important as some other care settings can lack sufficient male role models.

Social life takes place in the households and in our shared spaces where we work together and participate in our various cultural activities both within the Community setting and in the wider community.