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Research shows that Camphill communities in Scotland provide the highest quality of care and support. 

When we commissioned Professor Stephen Baron to undertake a statistical analysis of the Quality Assessment grades awarded by the Care Inspectorate to Camphill services in Scotland and compare them to other social care services in Scotland in 2011, the results were impressive.  These grades are important both as independent assessments of quality and as the public currency by which commissioning and other decisions are made.

Care Inspectorate’s Quality Assessment

The Care Inspectorate currently use a six point grading scale, which grades areas inspected from Excellent (Grade 6) to Unsatisfactory (Grade 1).

Analysis of the Care Inspectorate’s Quality Assessment grades found that Camphill service provision scored higher than other care service providers, with average grades of:

Care and support (5.12/6)

Environment (4.95/6)

Staffing (5.08/6)

Management and Leadership (4.96/6)

Ninety three of our ninety-four grades were at Grade 4 (Good) and above, with the exception of only one Grade being a 3 (Adequate).

”˜Excellent’ services

Four of the twenty five Camphill registrations analysed by Professor Baron were graded as ”˜Excellent’ across all assessed Quality Criteria. An exceptional achievement!