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Board of Trustees

Our board of trustees has 7 members who volunteer their time to support Tigh a’Chomainn Camphill. Our trustees are a mix of people with social care and business backgrounds.

We would lile to offer our sincere thanks to Alison Shoemark who retired from our board at in December 2017. Alison joined our board in 2013 and latterly served as the chair.

Alison Shoemark – chair

Alison Thompson

Stephanie Newbatt

Tom Marx

Laurence Alfred

Margaret Swerling



Our achievements

Theme for the year

Growing together, Meeting future challenges

Our purpose at Tigh a’Chomainn is to:

Create a home together and creating meaningful inclusion

Supporting and caring for each other (health and wellbeing)

Looking after our environment

Supporting each others personal development through learning and meaningful workshop

Maintain our interest in and develop our relationships with other Camphill Communites.

To achieve this we actively work with our Guiding Vision Statement:

Endeavour to work out of the principles of Anthroposophy

Motivate and support development

Provide stability and a supportive home

Offer time to listen and respond

Work to ensure that all feel involved

Enable through encouragement

Respect rights and responsible decision making


Our impact

Tigh a’Chomainn operates a strong business to support our charitable activities.

We do this by

Managing our costs well.

The money that we spend is spent efficiently bringing good value to the charity, those we support and our funders.

We work proactively to understand future developments and challenges in the sector and to manage our business accordingly

We are continuing to work with our business planning in order to address the undervaluation of our services. Our 2015 business plan established that the fee paid by funders for placements at Tigh a’Chomainn was below the national average for similar placement types in Scotland. The low fee has the potential to expose Tigh a’Chomainn to unexpected events and has meant that we have not been able to build reserves for re-investment at the rate we would have hoped for.

During the financial year 2016-2017 we undertook a financial processes review supported by with Meston Reid.

During the same period we have worked to implement new accounting procedures including a new book keeping and accounting software package.

During the year the focus of our spending has been on renovating and maintaining the fabric of our buildings and providing a new office space so that all administrative functions can be performed outside of the home/living environments.

We support

Nine residents placed by four Scottish Local authorities

Four elder individuals through our affordable housing provision and as part of our Community.

We increased the size of our provision adding two fee permanent bed spaces in 2015/16 and one more in 2016/2017 meaning that we now have ten bed spaces. All will be occupied at January 2018.

We continue to offer good value to local authorities placing with us with our distinctive model of care. This was evidenced by the Quality Assessments research commissioned by Camphill Scotland which showed that:

Parents and carers may be reassured that scrutiny by the Care Inspectorate shows the Camphill Communities to be offering services of the highest quality nationally.

The Care and Support provided by the Communities are very good.

The distinctive Environments, Staffing and Leadership models of the Communities underpin this quality of service and are sector leading


Tigh a’Chomainn received very good and excellent quality gradings from the Care Inspectorate at our most recent inspection.

We are continuing to build on our development planning, the aim being to provide a mix of accommodation options in the future both to our existing residents and new residents.

Tigh a’Chomainn has a waiting list.

Creating a home together

During the year we have celebrated birthdays and seasonal festivals as a Community.

Individuals have been supported to explore their interests eg going to the cinema, going to town and going on holiday.

We continue to work with Social Pedadgogy to develop our professional practice.

A meaningful working life

Tigh a’Chomainn supports individuals to attend day placements across a range of options. This is always led by the individuals concerned and funded directly by the placing authority. This year we have engaged with the following providers:

The Seed Box, A Horticultural and Outdoor Therapy Centre situated on Deeside (

Foxlane Garden Centre, Foxlane was set up to provide an alternative provision for individuals whose needs were not being met in traditional day service provision.


Newton Dee (A Camphill Community), offers a home, meaningful work and opportunities for personal development to adults with learning disabilities and other special needs.



Co-workers have engaged in a variety of training during the year. This including designing and leading the Discovering Camphill course (a national course offered across the Scottish region), to practical courses such as food hygiene and first aid to professional development focussing on leadership and succession.

Our focus for the following year will be:

Developing our governance – recruiting to our board and reviewing our structures.

Responding to legislation and Brexit / GDRP.

Working with our emerging quality assurance framework in order to improve our practice throughout our organisation.

Maintain our interest in and develop our relationships with other Camphill Communities by working closely with Camphill Scotland and the Association of Camphill Communities.

Further developing our person centred planning and practices.

Developing our Co-worker and staff training.

Maintaining and developing our links across Camphill and other organisations.

Financial Review

Income and Expenditure

Consolidated Income and Expenditure Account for the period 1st April 2016 – 31st March 2017

Total incoming resources from donations, legacies and gifts 15,115

Total incoming resources from charitable activities (fees) 266,508

Total incoming resource 281,623

Resources expended on charitable activities 235,285

Total resources expended 235,285

Net incoming resources 46,338

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