Keeping healthy

Good food and exercise help to keep us well.
We all decide at our weekly meeting what the menu for the week will be and we make sure that our diet is a healthy one.

At the weekend there is a Sunday cooking rota and on Saturday there is space and opportunity for us to cook our own meals. We will help you with this – budgeting, buying and preparing food – if you need it. We would like to help you learn how to be more independent in this area for whenever you should leave us.

We would encourage you to keep active in your free time. This is not just visits to the gym but also developing an interest in cultural events outside Tigh a’Chomainn.

When you come to Tigh a Chomainn we will help you register with a doctor and dentist. There is a surgery on Murtle Estate which is a part of the Camphill Schools but other doctors are available locally.
As a part of healthy living Tigh a Chomainn is a no-smoking house and if you do smoke you will be asked to do so out of doors.
Whilst not a no alcohol house we would obviously ask you to treat both yourself and your house mates with respect here.

Tigh a Chomainn is a happy and positive place to live and we hope that you will be able to make the very best of all the opportunities offered here.